Thursday, December 08, 2005

Esto si es una metida de pata...

Bueno, para que vean que estas cosas pasan hasta en las mejores empresas. Para aquellos que ponen ordenes para sus clientes en linea, asegurense de leer si es necesario, hasta tres veces antes de hacer "click" en la transaccion. Que nos le vaya a pasar lo que le paso a Mizuho Securities de Japon:

"...The brokerage meant to sell one share of multimedia company J-Com (making its
debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) at 610,000 yen; instead, it accidentally
placed an order to sell 610,000 shares at one yen
. After the erroneous trade,
rumors swirled about the mistake and its possible consequences -- but investors
didn't know which brokerage had made the error, leading to a stampede of losses
for securities firms and forcing them to issue hasty denials of involvement. The
sector's losses dragged down the overall market, triggering a 301-point loss on
the Nikkei 225".


Como decimos por aca...despues, que nadie llore!