Monday, November 21, 2005

Wow, China!

En la edición del sábado del WSJ encontarán un interesante artículo en relación al emergente poder económico de la China, un país, que por si acaso, vale recordar, esta guiado por ideales comunistas (como se menciona mas adelante, la palabra "democracia" está prohibida en los chat rooms Chinos).

En fin, se percataran de que una politica economica capitalista con un ideal politico comunista crea interesantes dicotomías...

  • China has about $1 trillion in personal savings and a savings rate of close to 50%. The U.S. has about $158 billion in personal savings and an average savings rate of only about 2%.
  • Shanghai boasts 4,000 skyscrapers -- double the number in New York City. Still, 17% of the entire Chinese population lives on $1 a day. Only about 300 million people in China, or 23% of the population, are considered middle-class.
  • Wal-Mart Stores bought $18 billion of goods from China last year. With China's annual exports amounting to $583 billion, that means Wal-Mart ranks as its eighth-largest trading partner, ahead of Australia, Canada and Russia.
  • In China, the 40-richest people are worth a collective $26 billion, up from $18 billion last year. China has 10 billionaires, up from three last year. The richest person is Larry Rong Zhijian of CITIC Pacific Group, who is worth $1.64 billion, according to Forbes magazine.
  • China has 100 million Internet users, second to the U.S.'s 135 million users. In September, there were 62 people jailed for violating Chinese Internet laws, up from three in 2001. The word 'democracy' is banned in online chat rooms


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